Where to stay
at CSC 2024

Places to stay

There will be camping spots available as well, but only very limited.
We will open the booking 1. July 2024 for you to reserve your spot. 

To book a campsite use this link: https://forms.gle/mHjfHqbyoGWnnNUh9

For further questions please contact us via E-mail Csc24@asds.at 

Further accommodation addresses in Vordernberg.

Accommodation Alpen Chalet Grabner Alm

Contactperson Mag. Ewald Grabner

E-Mail grabner.ewald@gmx.at

Homepage www.grabner-alm.com

Accommodation Alpenaquarium Grüblsee

Contact person Sabine Marschnig

E-Mail sabine@swat-team.at

Homepage www.grueblsee.at

Accommodation AlpenKlub Sportpension

Contact person Michael Domijan

E-Mail contact@alpenklub.com

Homepage www.alpenklub.com

Accommodation Appartements Novotny

Contact person Kriemhilde Novotny

E-Mail appartement-novotny@gmx.at

Homepage www.appartement-novotny.sta.io

Accommodation Bärbel's Panoramahütte

Contact person Barbara Goriupp

E-Mail info@baerbels-huette.at

Homepage www.baerbels-huette.at

Accommodation Chalet Bregar

Contact person Werner Bregar

E-Mail info@chalet-bregar.com

Homepage www.chalet-bregar.com

Accommodation Ferienhaus Reiter

Contact person Mag. Gerald Reiter

E-Mail reite.gerald@gmx.at



Accommodation Ferienwohnungen Blüml-Hube

Contact person Manfred Abwerzger

E-Mail manfred.abwerzger@gmail.com

Homepage www.bluemelhube.sta.io

Accommodation Gasthof Alpenrose

Contact person Miklos Vas

E-Mail vasmiki2@gmail.com

Homepage www.alpenrose.hu

Accommodation Gasthof Schwarzer Adler

Contact person Brigitte Schönegger-Marschnig

E-Mail vordernb.-schwarzer-adler@aon.at

Homepage www.vordernb-schwarzer-adler.at

Accommodation Haus Encian

Contact person Dr. Nandor Vass

E-Mail drhoffner1@gmail.com

Homepage www.praebichl.net

Accommodation Haus Erzberg

Contact person Zsanett Horvath

E-Mail misijanosi@gmail.com

Homepage www.haus-erzberg.com

Accommodation Haus Salamandra

Contact person Judit Vass

E-Mail somogyerwin@gmail.com

Homepage www.praebichl.net

Accommodation Hotel Bahnhof Präbichl

Contact person Attila Horvath

E-Mail praebichl.hu@gmail.com



Accommodation Hotel-Restaurant Alpenstern

Contact person Bango Gyula

E-Mail info@alpenstern-praebichl.com

Homepage www.alpenstern-praebichl.com

Accommodation Hotel-Restaurant Präbichlerhof

Contact person Maria Strohmeier

E-Mail info@praebichler-hof.at

Homepage www.praebichler-hof.at

Accommodation Hüttendorf Präbichl GmbH

Contact person Bettina Dunkl

E-Mail office@huettendorf-praebichl.at

Homepage www.huettendorf-praebichl.at

Accommodation Marina's Ferienwohnung

Contact person Marina Pointner

E-Mail office@pointner-partner.at



Accommodation Pension Pein

Contact person Maria Pein

E-Mail pension.pein@aon.at

Homepage www.pension-pein.sta.io

Accommodation Pension Polsterrinne

Contact person Ursula Löcker

E-Mail uc.loecker@gmx.at

Homepage www.pensionpolsterrinne.jimdofree.com

Accommodation Pool, Pokale, Sauna, Billiard, Kirche u. viel Natur 

Contact person Peter Wirnsberger

E-Mail wirnis@outlook.com