Continental Sheepdog
Championship 2019

August 22 - 25, 2019

Norden, Osterwittbekfeld, Germany

Welcome to the 35th Continental Sheepdog Championship

For the fifth time (after 1988 in Herborn, 1992 in Wesel, 1999 in Heimburg and 2008 in Wittbek) the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Border Collie Deutschland organizes this highly qualified competition. In three exciting days, over 100 of the best Border Collies from 18 European countries will compete against each other, and the best 6 teams of each day will qualify for the final. These 18 finalists will determine the European Champion 2019 in an even more exciting competition on Sunday.

The Continental Sheepdog Championship 2019 will take place in Wittbek near Oster-Ohrstedt in Schleswig-Holstein. An experienced organizational team of our members has taken on the responsible task of shaping this competition.

In addition to the actual competition, there will be other interesting activities that we will inform you about on these pages. Visit us regularly ...